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Technical Stuff for Grown Up Help


Your grown up people would really like to help you. These are a few things they can do to help you do your best! 


First you need something to film with. You can use big expensive cameras or super old cameras but the best camera is the one you have. Your mobile devices are perfect for recording the performance for this contest!


If you’ve never recorded video on a mobile device before just open the camera app, select the video function, and tap the red record button to start recording.


Before recording here are some things to check to make sure you’re getting the best recording possible.


Device Settings


Please record using these settings for best results:

HD or 4K

30 or 60 fps


On an iPhone or iPad you can find these options in the corner of your screen when the camera is set to record video. Just tap the numbers or letters to switch to the version you prefer. 4k is higher quality than HD but uses more space on the device. 30 is best but 60 is fine.


If you don’t see these options when you're using the camera app go to your device settings and find “Camera” in the menu. Tap “Camera” then tap on “Record Video” and select the option you prefer from the list. The higher the number the better the quality of the recording but the file size will also be larger. Choose a format that is 1080p or 4k at 24, 30, or 60 fps.


These are the instructions for most current Apple devices but there are so many different devices and tablets that will record wonderful, high quality video it’s nearly impossible to list all the different ways to adjust your settings. We highly recommend you do a search on the internet to find instructions on how to adjust the camera settings on your specific device. If you’re having a hard time just send us an email and we’ll help you figure it out!




The sound quality is super important! We need to hear the performance. The mic on a camera is pretty far away from the person performing and any other sounds in the room will interfere. Turn off TVs, ask people to be quiet in the other room, don’t run the washing machine. Remember that if you can hear it so can the microphone.


If you have earbuds that connect by wire to your device, try plugging them in and placing them as close as possible to the performer. If you have wireless earbuds you could try having your performer wear them during their performance. This will get the mic closer to your performer and record clearer sound. Make sure to test this at least twice by recording and watching the video to see if it records clear sound. Most important is making sure the place you’re recording is as free of noise as possible.




This is really easy to overlook and there aren’t any settings on your camera for it. Make sure you have good light. There needs to be enough light in the room to see the performance without bright lights behind the performer. If you’re in a room with windows, position the camera so the windows are to the side or in front of the performance. Generally you want the performer to be brightest, not a big window or light behind them. Overhead lights will cast dark shadows in the performer’s eyes so use lamps or windows so the light is coming from the side or in front. Lamps and interior lights will be really orange if there’s a lot of daylight in the room. Try to find a time of day where you can have all of one or the other when you record.



We are looking at your performance first and foremost.  Do the best you can with the recording and always know we are your cheerleaders!  Don’t be shy about asking for help: or 707-224-4353 or 707-501-8567.

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