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You’ve filmed your performance and you’re ready to upload your submission? Excellent! We can’t wait to see you Strut Your Stuff!


To submit your entry just fill out the form below and upload your video.


You can upload from your mobile device or personal computer. Make sure your video is on the device you’re using and that you’re connected to the internet.


The submission form only allows you to upload files smaller than 1GB. If your video is too large let us know and we’ll help you.


When your video is uploading you’ll need to wait for the upload to finish before you close the browser window or app, otherwise it won’t upload. It can take 30 minutes or more to upload depending on your internet speed.


It can take a long time to upload the video so be patient and wait for the confirmation before closing the window or app. Go have a snack, drink some water, go play, or go for a walk then check on it when you get back. Really, it can take some time.


If you come back and the form looks like it reset, it’s probably done uploading. Feel free to email to confirm we’ve received your entry if you’re unsure.


If it’s just not working for you, let us know and we’ll help you! E-mail Evy at anytime with questions or issues.

If you win, do you allow E&M Presents to share the performance with the public?
Upload File

Thank you for submitting your video! It has been received and we will announce the winners soon.

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