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Step 1: Plan your act.


What do you want to show off? Will you dance? Will you sing? Play an instrument, tell jokes, or juggle ice cream? Whatever you choose, you need to have a plan!  


Do you need costumes? Instruments? A backup chorus? Take a few minutes to write down the things you will need. Once you have your list, get everything you need in one place.


And remember, what your entry must be something you created yourself. Don’t be shy, we know you’ve got performing talent to share.   


Step 2: Practice Makes Progress!


It’s good to practice a few times before you film. Try to do your whole performance 3 times before you record it so you’re warmed up and ready to do your best. 


Your total submission must not be more than 4 minutes in length, including your introduction (name, age, and what you will be doing).


Step 3: Record Your Show!


Recording can be a little complicated and you might want an adult to help. That’s okay. Even professional filmmakers work with a team!  We are here to help you every step of the way.


These are the things that will help you record your performance.

Location: Choose a quiet place where you’ll be comfortable performing. Maybe it’s your living room, the garage, or your backyard. Look for a location (place) that helps you feel happy and ready to perform.


  1. Sound: The sound is really important. You want people to be able to hear you clearly. Once you’ve found your location, spend 10 seconds quietly listening. What do you hear? Is a TV on? Do you hear a lawnmower? Is your Dad singing really loud? Those sounds will be in your recording too. So turn off the TV, wait for the lawnmower to stop mowing, or maybe find a different location. We can’t do anything about your Dad’s singing.

  2. Camera: Put your camera on something stable so it isn’t shaking and moving during your performance. Use a tripod or prop it up on something at about eye level. You can even build a little holder for it with Lego. Make sure it won’t move around while you record. If you’re using a mobile device like a phone or tablet make sure to have it in Landscape and not Portrait.

  3. Light: We want to see your performance so make sure the light is right. If you have bright windows behind you, move so they are in front of you or to the side. If the room is dark, turn on some lights. Have a friend or adult look at the screen on your device to make sure they can see you clearly. You should be the brightest and clearest part of the screen. Remember, we want to see your performance more than we want to see anything else.

  4. Record: When you push the red record button the very first thing you need to do is tell us your name, age, and what you’re going to perform. Then Strut Your Stuff! Record your performance as many times as it takes to get it right. How do you know if you got it right? When you’re happy with it! Even professional performers who do this every day need to do it over and over to get it right. Sometimes as many as 120 times! You probably won’t need to do more than 3 or 4 though. Once you’ve recorded your best performance, check to make sure it recorded right, then send it to us! Don't forget to have your parent or guardian review the technical requirements

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