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And the winners are... 

Strut Your Stuff Winning Videos
Tallulah Woolsey
Sarah Moritz
Primavera Ivy Ocasio

THANK YOU to all who entered Strut Your Stuff.

We're proud to announce the winners:


Tallulah Woolsey 

age 11, California Pacific Charter 


Sarah Moritz

age 11, River School


Primavera Ivy Ocasio

age 7, Pueblo Vista


Thanks to our "runners up":

Dalia Mahoney & Ruby Kinyon

Simon Eisele

Violette Neenah Ocasio

Areya Ryan

Acadia Leigon

Zevian Ryan

Calais & Locke Leigon

Andre Tsai

Very special thanks to:  Julie Dalryrmple, Caleb Sutter, Olivia Dodd, John Hannaford, and Samantha Holland.

THANK YOU to our sponsors:

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