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Important Information

“Strut Your Stuff” is an opportunity for kids to share their talent and creativity via a short performance captured on a smart phone or iPad/tablet. Most of all, we want kids to have fun and enjoy the experience!  



  • Adults will be needed to help navigate the instructions for filming and upload

  • Only ages 5 thru age 11 are eligible to apply

  • Applicant must live in Napa County

  • All elements of the performance must be an original creation.  Karaoke and/or  lip syncing are not acceptable

  • Filmed entry must begin with “Hi, my name is ____________, I am _____________ years old, and I will be performing _____________________________________________.

  • An entry form must be received no later than November 7.  Prizes will be awarded within two weeks of final submissions

  • All entries will be kept strictly confidential and seen only by E & M Presents personnel and three judges

  • An applicant can use a live back up chorus or musical ensemble but only the lead applicant will be awarded a prize

  • You may have other friends and/or family members (sisters, brothers, cousins) who would like to apply as well.  Please share this information with them

  • Judges will consider the following in choosing three finalists – winners of iPad Minis

    • Originality

    • Presence 

    • Talent

    • Effort

    • Age appropriate for entry

    • Did applicant adhere to the time limit?

    • Inclusion of creative elements (props, dress, setting, quality of filming)


Questions?  Please email Evy Warshawski at: or call 707-224-4353.


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